So pleased to welcome Joffrey Charles to our small team. Chef Joffrey aged 30, is a French chef born and raised in Normandy.  He has worked for over a decade in fine dining restaurants in Mont Saint Michel, Val D’Isere, Corsica, Dublin and London.  He now lives with his partner, Lisa Burgess in Mijas.

Joffrey has an incredible passion for producing creative and beautiful food that is memorable and delicious. He has cooked for Prince Charles, Kate Moss and Madonna to name a few.

In 2016, Joffrey opened “Joffrey’s” in La Cala near Marbella. Channel 4 filmed the restaurant throughout the spring and summer of 2017.  The programme aired to 4 million viewers in the series “A New Life in the Sun” in early 2018. He had to close his restaurant in late 2018 due to his partner’s cancer diagnosis.

Since then he has worked for a couple of well known operations on the Coast but is looking forward to opening his own restaurant again when all this has finished. Meanwhile he recently opened “Catering By Joffrey” and “ChefJoffrey@Home”, both of which were ‘in house catering’ but had to close abruptly due to the lockdown.  In the meantime he has been doing charitable works including working on a TV project with Lisa to bring tourism back to Andalusia when our borders open.