Over the years of writing columns for newspapers, my heading used to be Food, Wine and Friends, which to me epitomises what life is about. It was therefore with the greatest of pleasure that I watched Gordon, Gino and Fred’s Road Trip. Put three hefty egos into a camper van, let Gino crash it, drive through Italy, eating, drinking and laughing while experiencing Gino’s culture and country — and record it for TV. It is exactly what it says on the tin. With Gordon’s style of — ‘meticulous preparation, cooking and presentation’ different to that of Gino’s — ‘minimum effort maximum effect’, and you have a recipe for a great programme. The first episode culminated in the intrepid trio arriving in Sardinia to prepare a feast for Gino’s cousin and his wife, on the occasion of the renewal of their vows — and who knew Gino d’Acampo was a registered celebrant to boot! The setting was the beach; Gordon did a dish of Octopus , Gino did Suckling Pig in an open fire pit and Fred Sirieix Restaurant Manager/ former First Date’s Maitre’D, handled service and a created a special cocktail of Gin and Tonic with Limóncello.

Next episode sees them in France with Fred’s family and friends followed by the third episode with Gordon in his country of birth, Scotland. If you don’t mind a bit of swearing and laddish behaviour, watch it! If you are interested in food, wine and travel — You’ll love it!!

It is a programme that any Boys Own reader from the 50/60’s would have dreamt of! I would love to do it! Hang on a minute, come to think of it, in the early 80’s, I and six others, drove in a Winnebago through France and Italy eating drinking and generally having a great time. Maybe that’s where I got my column heading from. Happy Days!