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At the end of January Britain will finally 'leave' the European Union. What implications will it have on those of us that live here? I am not sure — nor is anyone else!! But as someone that moved to Spain before we became part of the EU proper, it can't be anymore difficult than it was then. Goods from Iceland may become more expensive!! Then 35 years ago we couldn't get tea bags let alone Branston Pickle!! Interesting times ahead.

The end of the month also marks the end of most people's New Year resolutions!! Will dry January become normal February. Will the ridiculous Januhairy come to an end or will people just keep going until they become hairy monsters. And will your pledge to become vegan start to fizzle out?

I am a little confused about all this Veganism. I assume it goes hand in hand with a desire to control climate change. For instance not eating meat will cut back on methane gases! But at the heart of the plant based diet is because of the cruelty to the animals. Is it necessary to kill animals just to eat them? Well, my question is this: if the world went Vegan, what would happen to the animals? Apart from dairy cows that will become extremely ill if they are not milked regularly, would we have to slaughter all beef animals? Bit cruel surely! Because if we leave them to breed without slaughtering them then methane will increase and if we did burn the carcases when they die naturally (as in mad cow disease) then we would pollute the atmosphere far more than if they were slaughtered to eat. Do we sterilize the male animal species to stop breeding? Does this mean we will have to allow animals of this sort to become extinct like the Snow Leopard may? No more chickens, no more eggs, no more pigs never mind the other hundreds of edible creatures. I just can’t get my head around the long term vision of fanatical vegans and where it will lead us. And I’m not sure that they have thought it out either!! If anyone does know, I’d love to hear from them.

Having said that, La Sala in Puerto Banus have taken the Vegan thing to a different commercial level with the introduction of  their newly improved menu, with a dedicated Veggie & Vegan section for all to enjoy, allowing you to kiss goodbye to the days of minimal vegetarian options.

If you are Vegetarian, Vegan or simply looking to reduce your meat intake then your prayers have most certainly been answered. 

The menu features a product called Beyond Meat, known as the ‘Future of Protein’ in a number of dishes including Meat Free Burgers, Hot Dogs and even Steak Tartare.

Protein, fat, minerals, carbohydrates and water are the five main components that can be found in meat. The product Beyond Meat, sources these components directly from the plants to create delicious, mouth-watering plant based meat. It’s Big, It’s Bold, It’s Beyond Meat!

If Beyond Meat isn’t for you then you will not be left disappointed. The menu offers plenty of variety with dishes such as Vegan Ceviche, Chickpea & Seitan Stew, Jack Fruit Thai Curry and even Vegan Fish & Chips made with Seaweed Battered Tofu.

If you would like to see their menus you can go direct to their web site: www.lasalabanus.com 

I did see the other day that a restaurant is serving a Seared Tuna dish?? Using watermelon?? Why not just call it Seared Watermelon?? I'm not sure I will ever get my whole head around all of this!

I know a few of our readership have 'dabbled' with Vegan recipes and if you would like to share your dishes with others please let me have your favourite.

Keep us informed if there are any new eateries in your area and also let us know if any of your favourite have been closed or changed hands. Don't forget,  if you have a favourite place to eat, let us know about it or even write your own review, we would be pleased to receive it.

Good Food, Good Wine and Good Friends. 

Bon Appetit.


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