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At the time of writing there are only 351 days until Christmas. Suggest you do your Christmas shopping early!! There are people who do. I know someone who will be out in January to all the sales picking up bargains for Christmas 2019. I suppose that's fine for electrical good and maybe even clothes — even then fashion changes so much!! — but avoid food purchase! But, no reason not to buy your Christmas pudding or cake as they will probably improve. Watch out for them in the supermarket!

This year will see the opening and closing of restaurants in the Marbella area. I was with someone the other day who thinks that we may well be in for another recession here. But with the increase in building and property sales and flights into Spain full of tourists, I hope he's wrong. Those restaurants that close may not always be getting it wrong. Wrong place, wrong time comes to mind, but is is a very competitive market and those that strive to achieve excellence and value for money will hopefully succeed. I wish them all luck as I wish you , dear reader, that, that you wish yourself.

Remember: Good Food, Good Wine, Good Friends.

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