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We have entered phase two! There are people on the streets, sitting on restaurant terraces, even though we have all seen pictures of tables of ten or more at beach bars with no social distancing whatsoever! Now people can sit inside restaurants to a maximum of 50%. Even places like La Cañada can now open, but only to a 40% occiupancy. Please someone tell me how that is going to work!! Same as theatres and cinemas — and will anyone really want to go that badly!!! Churches, funereals etc with limited capacity are also going to open. Back to my original 'scribing' some time ago, there will be a second peak, but we do need the 'herd immunity' or we'll be locked up forever!!! In Spain the number of new cases at the end of last week have dropped considerably!! Deaths as well are down to virtually nothing — at the moment!!! 

What's happening in the world outside of the UK and Spain. In our continuing coverage  'From my Part of the World' lockdown, my old school friend Robert who is a true European being based in Munich, with houses in Austria, Switzerland and Ireland brings us an insight to life in those countries starting with Germany.

There is a conflict in some of the decisions seemingly maade buy Pedro Sanchez. In the BOE he recently stated that Spain was virtually closed for tourism until October and warned operators to  prepare for a season not unlike the '50s and '60s, in other words relying on national tourisem. However he now states: Spain will welcome back foreign holidaymakers in July

La Scala opened its doors in Elviria this week and I was pleased to see their terrace 'full' according to regulations as did the Beach House in Elviria. They are both fortunate in that they have large terraces and I am sure that those restaurants that do open are counting their blessings that they are entering the good weather season other wise they would be  in the preverbial! Breathe, Puerto Banus is opening its terraces and once again they are large. La Sala opened last weekend and they have amplified their terrace area and I am sure they will do well and Marc Quinlan's Harbour restaurant in Marbella, will be opening in June. But for smaller restaurants like Steven Saunders well known, Little Geranium  in La Cala with only  a handfull of terrace tables it would once again be inviable. He, alongside many others in similar situations, is worried about their futures.

Easy Jet reckon to start European flights from the UK on June 15th despite getting rid of one third of their employees.Does anyone know where they think they will fly? Greece is open for tourism (but not from the UK at the moment!) but Spain says no! And if you are a UK tourist when you get back you then have to quarantine for 14 days! Crazy or what?

Good Food, Good Wine and Good Friends and GOOD HEALTH!  Bon Appetit.

REMEMBER We would like to point out that in order to continue with our updates and information during this crisis there is a donate button to your right and the smallest amount will help. Especially if you like our quick and easy recipes. For every Euro donated, a 'ticket' will be entered into a prize draw for lunches and meals when we come out the other side. I can't say when or which restaurants at the moment as we will have to see where we are, when we get there!.


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