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Andrew Linn has been living in Andalucia for nearly 50 years and is a Spanish national. After a successful business career in the UK in wine shipping and publishing, he moved to Spain to pursue his love of all things Spanish He is well- known on the Coast for his involvement over decades in the business community, and as a founding member of Marbella Business International (1982) has always encouraged good relations between our hosts and other communities. He has also been involved in animal welfare organisations. He is a respected wine writer, and has specialist knowledge of flamenco and other cultural themes. He writes weekly columns in regional publications in both languages, and it is our pleasure to welcome him to our small team. We look forward to sharing with you his familiarity with Spain, the wines he has enjoyed, and the places he has visited over the years for his Wine Trail.

The Relatively Newcomer that is Ronda Wines

When Prince Alfonso Hohenlöhe made it known that he was heading up into the Sierra de Ronda to make wine we all thought he had lost his senses. Although recognised as a versatile businessman who had turned his hand, often...

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