He used to have a restaurant in Cristamar in Puerto Banus, known for his barbecued chicken and especially his rabbit ‘moutarde’, he then made the mistake of moving to Vasari, a restaurant and site that I love, that unfortunately has been the death of many a restaurateur, including a couple of friends of mine —  and I always wanted it. There by the grace of God go I……….!

He has now opened in the hugely busy Guadalmina Alta and today I was taken there by a good friend/client of mine and enjoyed a rough terrine a la 80’s which was typically ‘old’ French and very enjoyable. Now, I have a passion for Steak Tartare: Not only are there few places that you can get it, but even less that know how to make it. I went into a Belgian/French restaurant a few years ago and saw the dish on their menu and when I asked if they made a good one, I was assured to the positive. So, I ordered it and ended up asking them to bring me the condiments that they failed to put into it so as I could complete the dish! The one I had to day was very acceptable. The wine my colleague chose was one I did not recognise, and was a blush from Rioja. I like neither blush nor Rioja rosado, but I have to say, for a house wine, it was excellent and very ‘French’ in style! Personal service from the family and well worth a visit. I did not see the bill as my friend paid, but he put down a 50€ for lunch for two, including a bottle of wine plus a couple of extra glasses. Closed Sundays, open for lunch and dinner.

Telf: (+ 34) 951 325 639. in the Centro Comercial Guadalmina.