Met up with a friend the other day at the new Café Rosas in Puerto Banus. Situated in the Playas del Duque complex this very pink café/ restaurant opened in June. In keeping with fashion and trends the menu boasts an array of desserts and pastries but caters for the health conscious. Opening at 09.00 and serving ‘til 20.00 (kitchen closes at 18.00) it serves an all day breakfast with a selection of dishes including a choice of eggs — organic of course — and homemade breads. Smoothies and fruit platters as well as cereals are also served. Breakfast merges into main meals offering salads with the ubiquitous Quinoa, Goji Berries and Miso dressing (not necessarily on the same plate). If you want to push the boat out you can order a side of truffle or kale chips!

Not much for the meat eater I’m afraid, to be expected, but there is a burger and you can have some chicken on your homemade flatbreads! Tuna is popular in the shape of a Tuna Tartare and Tuna Tacos. I chose the latter but at 15.90€ was disappointed to have a couple of lettuce hearts (cogollos) with two very small pieces (two mouthfuls) of perfectly cooked Tuna. My colleague, a fellow restaurateur, had Scrambled Eggs with Truffles and one of the best cups of coffee he had had in a long time! But the most popular items appear to be the healthy versions of cakes, pastries and macaroons!

Obviously the innovators of this eatery — Ana and Amy —  are dog lovers as this particular establishment not only encourage dogs by supplying dog beds/blankets and water bowls but offers an exclusive ‘doggie menu’ which I have to say looks more exciting that the human one! How this practice circumvents the law I do not know and —  is it limited to ‘lap’ dogs or are great Danes and German Shepherds also welcome?

Rosas’ is nicely decorated — in pink as the name may imply — with walls of dried roses, which although lovely to look at, will probably be difficult to keep clean. Staff are very pleasant although I find it disconcerting to see some sitting down and eating during the main service, which would probably account for the slow service, despite there being as many customers as staff.

If Instagram can create a success in business then this place is on target with thousands of followers. The website, while looking like  a fashion boutique, is comprehensive and pleasing to the eye.

Open every day except Sundays. Call 95 1569392 or e mail