Only because a flyer had been put through our letter box, did we know of the Angus Steak House that opened in San Pedro in June of this year. We did a reconnoitre at lunch time only to find it closed with someone cleaning who we later find out was the father of Bruno the chef. The menu that he showed us raised our expectations and we booked a table for that evening.

Although there are other dishes on offer, the principle proteins are beef and veal, but lamb, Chicken and pork have a token dish each. For starter we chose that rarely seen dish of Sweetbreads in a citric dressing, lightly fried they were delicious.

Our mains were the 300gm Entrecote and 400gr Rib Eye both were Argentine Angus black label and were ordered  poco hecho and medium rare respectively, accompanied by chips and spinach, and whilst the Entrecote was tasty and good in texture, my Rib Eye was inedible.


I tried various areas of the steak to see if there was anything that could be salvaged but the pile of disgorged tendons and collagen membranes kept growing. After trying to eat about 20% I gave up and asked to speak to the chef, and after repeating my request he eventually came out. But not before the waiter had whisked the plate away!.

He said he didn’t know of the problem that I had with the beef and the waiters thought I had finished the meal! He offered to cook me another steak and I said make it a small one

Some 15 minutes later a steak arrived and it was evident that it was exactly the same – inedible. I again asked to speak to the chef who eventually came out and asked him to please taste the meat, he carved a slither, ate it and declared it ‘normal’ at which point I asked for the bill. He had not charged for my main course but this whole episode was done with such bad grace, saying this is the first time this has happened and all our customers give us five star rating etc.

I am sure that there are customers who have given a high rating but on this occasion we were badly let down perhaps more with the attitude than the meal

As this is restaurant that I will not be recommending I will not be giving my Bishlin Guide marks out of 10.

27, Calle Linda Vista, San Pedro Alcántara Tel: 95 48 05 02 Open dinners: Closed Mondays