If the chefs in our world didn’t have enough to cope with, with the criteria to achieve a coveted Michelin Star, they now have to compete for a Michelin GREEN Star. I never knew (it is a fairly recent thing as you can imagine) So here are the guide lines for this award as supplied by Michelin’s web site. Apparently you have to be in the guide to even achieve this added acollade. What happens if you have both a Red Star and a Green Star? Interesting.

What is the Michelin Green Star?
The Michelin Green Star is an annual award which highlights restaurants at the forefront of the industry when it comes to their sustainable practices. They hold themselves accountable for both their ethical and environmental standards, and work with sustainable producers and suppliers to avoid waste and reduce or even remove plastic and other non-recyclable materials from their supply chain.
These restaurants offer dining experiences that combine culinary excellence with outstanding eco-friendly commitments and are a source of inspiration both for keen foodies and the hospitality industry as a whole.

What kind of things do Green Star restaurants do?
Every Green Star restaurant is different and works in its own unique way – but all make a difference to the world around them and act as role models to us all.,Many work directly with growers, farmers and fishermen; forage in hedgerows and woodlands; grow plants and rear animals; and use regenerative methods such as no-dig vegetable gardens and succession cover crop growing.( Succession planting is a method of staggering propagation of crops to produce a continual supply and extend the harvest season)
They also often go beyond environmental considerations to address issues related to ethics, as well as contributing to local, national or global charitable and educational projects.

Who is eligible for a Michelin Green Star?
Any restaurant in the Michelin Guide is eligible.

What are the Michelin Inspectors looking for when they award a Michelin Green Star?
There is no specific formula for awarding a Michelin Green Star, as every restaurant and its surrounding region has a unique set of conditions. The Inspectors are simply looking for those at the top of their game when it comes to their sustainable practices.
They consider things such as: the provenance of the ingredients; the use of seasonal produce; the restaurant’s environmental footprint; food waste systems; general waste disposal and recycling; resource management; and the communication between the team and the guests about the restaurant’s sustainable approach.
Initiatives can take various forms and no two restaurants will be alike – all our inspectors are looking for is a strong commitment to sustainable gastronomy.

When was the Michelin Green Star launched?
First revealed in 2020, the Michelin Green Star was introduced into several of the 2021 editions of the Michelin Guide across the world. Great Britain and Ireland saw the award celebrated for the first time at its Michelin Star Revelation launch event in January 2021.

How many restaurants were awarded a Michelin Green Star in its first year?

23 in total: 18 in England, 1 in Scotland, 1 in Wales and 3 in the Republic of Ireland.