We were fortunate to win a prize of a Sunday Lunch for Two at Olivia’s in La Cala de Mijas. Only ten minutes from Elviria and a lovely day for the drive and to sit otside when we got there. We have eaten here few times some time ago, but were never truly impressed although the place and location is beautiful. We heard (and read about it in LEM) that Steven Saunders had taken over as Executive  Chef and as we used to go to his Little Geranium many years ago we thought we’d try it one day soon. Then we saw LEM’s competition and it was a no brainer for a 5€ ticket. We were limited to the set menu which was fine and had we been paying then 29.95€ for three courses would have been good value anyway. Alison started with the Tian of Prawns ( a prawn cocktail by any other name.) and I had the Pork Croquettes with Apple and I have to say I enjoyed them. I had to have beef which I did, medium rare sirloin with a proper gravy, fluffy roasties and crisp veggies served ‘family style’ and a proper (depending on where you originate!) Yorkshire Pudding. Alison had the Lamb, nice and pink, again with the veg and yorkie! I had to have the Apple Crumble and Alison topped her meal off with a Trio of Mousses. A bottle of excellent red wine and we were replite!! Great music, attentive service what a way to spend a Sunday.  As I am e mailing this I see that they have another competition for the same place, so I have sent off my 5€. I know lightining doesn’t normally strike twice in the same pplace, but for 5€.? Thanks Olivia’s, Steven and LEM.

Mike and Alison Hart