As Italy secures eight of the world’s top-ten cheeses, it is France, Spain and the UK that are left cheesed off.

France has long considered itself the big cheese of world cuisine.

So the results of an international survey have grated somewhat across the Channel.

There was no French or Spanish entries in the new top ten of cheeses.

Camembert, for example, came 91st.

It was Italy that held most of the top spots.

And before Brits poke fun at the French, there wasn’t a single UK offering in the top 100.

Cheddar for instance came in at a lowly 136th.

Likewise, not a Spanish cheese to be seen.

But of course, it is the French who are left feeling ‘blue’ as they are no longer Le-Grande Fromage.

The list, which was curated by international food website Tasteatlas ranked Parmigiano Reggiano as the best in class.




Here is the list :

10 – Gorgonzola Picante, Italy

9 – Bundz, Poland

8 – Pecorino Toscano, Italy

7 – Queijo Serra da Estrela, Portugal

6 – Pecorino Sardo, Italy

5 – Mozzarella di Bufala Campana, Italy

4 – Stracchino di Crescenza, Italy

3 – Grana Padano, Italy

2 – Burrata, Italy

1 – Parmigiano Reggiano, Italy

Eleonore Deneuve, a French cheesemonger said: “I was very surprised that all the Italian cheeses are in the top-ten. I don’t disagree that they are good cheeses but not having any French cheeses in the top-ten. Not having Roquefort, not having Camembert – it is ridiculous.”

The annoyance was felt equally by an English cheesemaker in Kent.

Robin Betts, owner of Winterdale Cheesemakers said: “I am absolutely aghast that the UK did not get anywhere in that top-100 cheeses. The UK has the most variety of cheese, so I am very surprised that we didn’t get chosen at all.”

The Spanish cheese producers fared badly as well. I have to admit I am surprised that a good cheddar ranks so lowly and no Stilton in sight. For two centuries, Stilton has been known as the King of English Cheese, and it has never been copied elsewhere. Nor has it ever been made in Stilton, despite its name! But obviously not good enough for the internationaly regarded, commitee.