Garry Waite

Welcome to my website

Thanks for arriving at my page. Whatever you put in to your search engine to land here, it must have something to do with food, wine, entertainment and of course Marbella.

Why me? I hear you ask! Well, I have lived on the coast since January 1986 and have spent the last 30 odd years involved in hotels, restaurants, golf clubs and generally the finer things of life that this wonderful country, especially our area the Costa del Sol, has to offer.

Even before I moved to these shores I spent my formative years in Hotel Management as well as a Restaurant Operator in the UK and abroad. My passion for food and wine knows no boundaries and when I am not working at it, I am studying as an enthusiastic consumer or writing about it as a critic and journalist.

In fact this is what my blog is all about. It is basically a one stop site to find out where to go and what to eat and anything food and drink orientated. You will find a comprehensive list of restaurants to visit, articles about wines, special events and if you want to take advantage of certain offers from restaurants and hotels you can join our VIP section, where for a small subscription you will be able to save money on your dining out.

You will also be able to meet some of the people who help make this town what it is; Chefs, operators, managers and entertainers, through our profiles section. You can learn about food trends and general articles about the industry in our press section which covers all aspects of people and products in the news. You will also be able to read previous articles I have written for the press. There are some easy to follow recipes from me, local chefs, readers contributions and more. Even our restaurant reviews have local foodies and enthusiasts who contribute.

I have also written two books, one is a novel which was first published in the 90’s but is still relevant today: The Warm War. I am more than half way through my second which is more of a biography, Half My Life, which focuses on two halves. Before I came to Spain and since I have been here. This should be ready to publish towards the end of 2018 but, through our VIP section you can be the first to buy an E Book of either. I do hope you enjoy reading my blog and what it has to offer and should you wish to comment or assist in any way as to its content please do not hesitate to contact me.