Most people know that dogs are not allowed in restaurants in Spain. Some people blame the restaurant, thinking it’s personal, but it is against the law. Personally, even as a dog liker, I do not see the attraction of taking a dog into a restaurant anyway. Especially larger breeds. Like kids, dogs are only as badly behaved as their owners! As has happened to a restaurateur friend of mine who gave in to a particularly insistent guest and allowed her dog in. Obviously there was someone in the restaurant who was not happy and the next day he received a visit from the ‘Environmental Police’ who informed him that he had broken the law. They did not fine him but informed him that there is a large fine for the offence. Dogs are permitted on terraces or gardens at the discretion of the restaurateur.
I see that the highly successful pub chain in the UK, J.D. Weatherspoons, has banned dogs from more than 1000 of their premises which would imply that up until now dogs have been allowed in UK pubs. When I first came here to live I used to go out with a friend who insisted that his small dog had a seat at the table. The restaurant at the time graciously allowed it. Barking mad!