How many times have you been into a Spanish restaurant, looked at the menu and had a little giggle? I know I have, infact, when I first came to Spain I was convinced there was a printer in Malaga that did the menus for every chirinquito on the coast and printed them in different languages: The menus were the same and the bad translations as well. After more than 30 years writing menus in Spain, I am more than competent to do so, but out of respect to my adopted country, its culture and its language I always make sure that my good friend, bi-lingual English and Spanish, enhances my translation if necessary, to ensure a quality presentation. My consultancy company (GWConsultEspaña) offers a translation service in six languages, but I am amazed how few restaurants take advantage of this service; Especially the British who make equally ghastly mistakes when putting their menus into our host’s nation’s language. How many people remember these classics?:

Soap of the Day              OK. Near enough — ‘Soup?’

Rape Sailors style:          Monkfish in white wine, onions and parsley

Roasted Rabbi                Conejo Asado  — Roast Rabbit

Fried Guts???                Tripe

Shrimps to the Iron        Gambas a la Plancha     Grilled Prawns

Beautiful with Peppers   Bonito con Pimientos. Try, Tuna with Peppers. Having said that Bonito is more beautiful than normal tinned tuna

There are of course many more and we would love to hear from you. Use our contact form to let us know ones that you have read. But the Spanish/English/Spanish isn’t the worse, Go Chinese!