I have already written about one of my favourite regions for red wine, Toro, but I am also a fan of Priorato. Made entirely from the Garnacha grape the wine area has its own denomination and is situated in the Province of Tarragona. Cultivated on hillsides the ground is very slatey which give the wine a flinty flavour mixed with a full bodied fruity content, I tried one from Carrefour the other day and at 10.25 a bottle, Fosca del Priorat Tinto crianza 2016 is not a cheapy but it is good value.




My favourite wine though is from one of my favourite wine producers, Pinord. They have the most amazing Priorat + Siete. A mixture of Garnacha, Cabernet Sauvignon and Shiraz, this is a full bodied wine with elegance and style. From the first look at the rich dark ruby colour to the full fruit on the nose and the velvet finish on the tongue, this truly is one of the great wines of Priorat. If you can find it (Casa Pablo Marbella comes to mind) then it will probably be around 25€ a bottle.