Swiss executive Carole Kittner (Handout from Carole Kittner )

News reaches me from Brown’s Hotel in London that one of their guests is a bit p’d off with them. Carole Kittner a Swiss PR guru (her words not mine) had her crystal-encrusted suitcase nicked from under her nose when she was booking into the five star luxury hotel in Mayfair where a suite will set you back a ‘crystal clear’ 1550 pounds per night!

The suitcase apparently held 20.000 pounds worth of jewellery and designer clothes. The perpetrator was apprehended some time later. Rebcca Callinan. 37, is facing prison time having been apprehended when she stupidly turned on Mrs Kittner’s lap top which police were able to trace back to the thief’s  flat.

However, Mrs Kittner is claiming that she has been unable to recover all her belongings and is awaiting a payout from the Hotel’s insurance company.

Stuart Johnson, managing director of Brown’s in Albemarle Street, said the hotel was dealing with Mrs Kittner’s case “professionally and confidentially … we are in communication with her”.

For a PR guru, don’t think it has been a good PR stunt — who on earth carries 20.000 pounds worth of jewellery and clothes for a flying visit? And in a bag that has ‘Nick Me’ written on it!!

But does boo-boo of the week go to the young woman who had the stupidity to turn on the lap top in her own home!!??