With the news this week that there is a drive to get Veganism classified as a religion, isn’t time that any form of radicalism should be frowned upon. We hate the radicals of such religions as Islam and slam them for their terrorist actions. Is that not similar as when approximately 20 people entered the Brighton branch of the Touro Steakhouse micro-chain recently, one campaigner began a speech to diners, saying ““No good person could look into the eyes of an animal and think that a meal was more important than their suffering.”


The protest then carried on for twenty minutes as the group played the sounds of animal slaughter and told customers to “listen to the screams”.

Unknown to the protesters there was a stag night dinner going on with a bunch of burly drunks who were unaffected by the intrusion and remained perfectly calm as they stood up and in unison started chanting words to the effect of “We Love Meat!”

Customers and front-of-house members argued with the group until they eventually left to continue the protest on the street outside.

Terrorism by any other name!!