It’s funny how food fashions change over the years. Apart from the burger restaurants and KFC style takeaways the trend for more healthy lighter foods is obviously having its effect. But I was surprised that one of the most popular takeaways in the late 70’ and 80’s Spudulike has finally gone into liquidation. Opening its first site in Edinburgh in 1974 the franchise offered jacket potatoes with different fillings. It was one of the takeaway services I thought was quite sensible in as much how long did it take to bake a potato and how many fillings would you have in your house. But the last 10/15 years vegetarianism, veganism and a boost in Sushi, Sashimi eateries has taken its toll. Buyers have been sought for the 370 outlets in the UK making 300 staff redundant. Despite getting close to a deal a buyer has not yet been found. Obviously it must be called Spudwedon’tlike — anymore!