Morris Bishop

The Bishlin Guide is the pen name used by my old friend Morris Bishop who is one of the most enthusiastic foodies and prolific eaters-out I know whose honest appraisals and reviews have been featured in magazines, papers, websites and TripAdvisor.

A young octogenarian, being retired now for over 33 years, one of his great pleasures in life is food, and for the last 25 years has been writing about his experiences when dining out. During his business life, he has probably eaten out in 20 or so different countries so he believes he knows good from bad and is not averse to speaking his mind when necessary. Married for 64 years to his amazing wife Desiree, they now share their time between the UK and the Costa del Sol in Spain; so virtually all of his reviews emanate from those two countries. The other great love they share is that of music and he will occasionally be reporting on our Food and Music section. If you know of a restaurant that you feel could benefit from Morris’ empathetic reviews, contact him through our contact form.