The Wheatsheaf in Chilton Foliat, Wiltshire, UK has been named the Sustainable Restaurant Association’s (SRA) Business of the Year at its annual Food Made Good Awards.

The Wheatsheaf was awarded the top accolade out of 24, having achieved the highest score in the Food Made Good sustainability rating. It also received the association’s Serve More Veg and Better Meat award.

While a whole-hearted supporter of local, sustainable food stuffs (providing the costs are sensible) the problem with this is, that the local pub, favoured by many in the area, has stopped serving Sunday Lunches. For crying out loud, who in their right mind would stop selling Sunday Roasts to the British in the UK? Surely it’s possible to cater for nearly everyone. I always have at least one fish on my Sunday menus and a Vegetarian option and — though I’m not a supporter — A Vegan option!

The Wheatsheaf was praised for employing creative culinary techniques to cut the meat on its menu by a third; they make their own crisps, switched to 100% renewable energy, pay staff the Living Wage,(Duh!! Fancy that!!) host school outings to teach children about sustainable food, and give team members regular time off to volunteer.

It offers a menu of dishes that are designed for their minimal impact, including the likes of asparagus soufflé, asparagus cream, Westcombe Cheddar in spring, and pizza with roasted squash, homemade ricotta, truffle honey and cobnuts in autumn.



Meanwhile, SRA president Raymond Blanc named Greta Thunberg his Sustainability Hero for “waking one generation, shaking at least one more and inspiring millions to engage and act on climate change”.

I never thought I’d see her name crop up in a food article!!

Blanc said: “Tonight’s winners of the Food Made Good Awards demonstrate that we can take risks, influence our guests to make better choices and use creative skills to ensure that every meal we serve has a positive impact.”

Shame that their action has had a negative reaction to their client’s reviews! Business is a balance. I’m a great believer that you should be guided by your customers as to what they want. After all, they are paying; and we are here to serve them not to over educate them!! Doctors are there to offer medical assistance — we are here to serve them, while of course advising them of the healthier options, what they want to eat. And that’s definitely Sunday Lunch!

(some content courtesy of Caterer and Hotelkeeper)