My pal Ian Giles, a competent cook at the best of times, but like a lot of people doesn’t do pastries much. But he was chuffed with his ‘off the cuff’ Peanut Biscuits and wanted to share it with everyone. As with most of these sorts of recipes they require little accuracy and are normally fuelled by enthusiasm. So here’s his throw together Bikkie!

In a bowl put around 60 gms of porridge oats, good knob of butter,  good dollop of peanut butter (make your own see LEM recipe) a banana a little sugar syrup or saccharine liquid or just plain sugar – white or brown. A dash of vanilla, chopped prunes (optional), chopped dry red fruits (cranberry, strawberry, red currant etc) an egg and mix. If the paste is a little too wet, add some granola/muesli or similar. Mould into rounds and bake on a floured baking tray for 20/25 minutes at 170* or until golden brown.

Try them and let us know how you get on, or indeed any variations on the theme!