Day 49 without a day off.

But to be honest I’m not complaining as I know so many in the hospitality industry are suffering immense hardship. Many made homeless on the streets of London. I’m just happy to be earning.

We made it to Limasol in Cyprus.

Past the coast of Somalia and through the HRA (high risk area), on to the red sea: On this part of the crossing the security team were on watch all through the day and night. All crew also took turns on watch on the bridge. Thankfully    there were no pirates. All windows were blacked out so as not to emit any light.

We had a demo of the rifles and other tactical gear on the day of the security team’s departure. No rounds fired unfortunately. Can’t understand why they wouldn’t let me have a go……”say I’m gluten free one more time!!!!! Haha

Now down to 11 crew we headed through the Suez Canal after picking up a pilot to guide us through and another guy stationed on the aft deck; Both from Egypt and fasting for Ramadan. I’d make them dinner once the sun set.  Just as well they weren’t big eaters as I’m having to get pretty inventive with what’s left in the fridge.

Provisions on in Cyprus the fridges are full again.

We are at the very far end of a very grotty industrial shipyard so as to keep us in quarantine.

The city is tantalizingly close but all thoughts of exploring Limassol’s delights are off.

We are allowed to walk or run along the harbour wall,  which surprisingly takes a bit of getting used to for an old seadog who hasn’t touched land in a while.

The crew relish the opportunity to sink a few civilized drinks on dock on our first night back. Anyone who’s worked on yachts will know this is utter carnage but I am abstaining and intend to go a year without booze.

The next morning is serenely quite with all the drunken sailors tucked up in bed: Time to stretch the legs and take in the day with a clear head.