I’ve been running but the pandemics effects have finally caught up with me. As Thailand extends its ban on foreign travellers entering the kingdom for another month. There go my chances of spending time with my wife before a busy summer starts. The effects are felt also here in Cyprus. I’m not allowed to set foot in Cyprus and there are no planes out for a couple more weeks which will give me one week off maybe in Italy before the madness.

The nagging thought that I should have stayed put in Thailand eating mangos in my underwear on the porch won’t go away. But culinary mercenary that I am, I must chase those dollar bills. Make hay as they say or in todays case ‘moussaka’.

Taking inspiration from the island and its ingredients our browned lamb mince is simmering. The heady aroma of cinnamon, oregano, garlic, black pepper and lemon zest fills the galley. Served with a classic Greek salad. Cypriot tomatoes bursting with sunshine and a little squidgy, peeled sliced cucumber, red onions, feta, black olives, oregano and olive oil. All left to macerated at room temperature. Personally I like a little glug of red wine vinegar to sharpen it.

Next time we meet I should be out of this grotty shipyard and hopefully bobbing around off Capri or Positano serving distinguished guests. But for now I’ll sign off from a dirty Dockyard in Cyprus.