I wrote this at the beginning of the series and am pleased to see that my favourites, Jimmy Bullard and Danny jones are yup there at the top. But surprised to see Cliff Parisi and drag queen itty Scott Claus still in but pleased that lisa Snowdon is.

“Regular readers will know how much we at LEM like the Master Chef Series; whether it’s the Professional, The Public or the Celebrity, each series produces its own talent and excitement. The cast list this year has been very mixed and there’s still a few newbies yet to join. Chris Eubank was in his suit, full of confidence  as expected, which eventually was not shared by the judges. With an eloquence and elegance and an accent not even heard in Eton, he was unable to come up to the mark and for the first time in his life was knocked out in round two. I normally can guess at the beginning who I think might get through, so with another group still to come I am looking at ex-footballer Jimmy Bullard and McFly lead singer Danny Jones. I am looking forward to the semi finals when there is everything to cook for and some people will excel and this years contestants are no different”