They say you can’t keep a good man down and whatever you think about Chef Steven Saunders — and he has some detractors but has many more  followers —  I know, tell me about it!! he has always  rebranded himself, which of course is reflected in his move to Spain some years ago and subsequent return to the UK despite his love of Spain where he still has a base.

Steven most recently has been active with his pilgrimage to Odessa where he organised his cooking for Ukraine project. His also ongoing fight against the lack of action within the government of the UK has set his profile politically.

His latest project is probably the most difficult he has undertaken. He has launched a campaign to feed the UK this winter. The ‘Thrifty 50’ recipes, created by Steven, was launched on the Kay Burley Sky News TV show last month. Designed to buy well, using out of date/price reductions in supermarkets to make economical family meals has become his goal.

Recipes will be available online and, in The Cambridge, Independent News.

“The menus are designed to help shrink your shopping into an affordable list of great food, without losing any of the quality or health benefits of more expensive ingredients,” said Steven in an exclusive interview with LEM.

He has been joined by Dr Alex Davidson who specialises in family medicine, gut health, mental health, nutritional medicine and functional medicine education. Dr Alex was academic at Cambridge University and is passionate about changing our lifestyle eating habits which is literally crippling the NHS. She will advise, and assist with allergies and intolerances, adding kudos and expertise as a leading Cambridge Spire Lea Doctor.

“She will also advise how we should eat to stay mentally fit and healthy, and she will give nutritional advice,” continued Steven, “ and I am delighted that she has joined me, we do not want another winter of discontent on our hands, between us we will get through this together.”

Dr Alex said, “I love being around Steven’s energy and if anyone can achieve this, I know that he can, and so I am delighted to be involved and honoured that he asked me. Clearly it is our destiny to help people through this crisis and I will do everything possible to assist.”

Starting in Cambridgeshire, Steven and Dr. Alex will be hosting cookery days at various venues to be confirmed, for the public to attend at no cost. This will help people make better food choices and how to cook them. Students will learn how to make low cost meals and sourdough bread, proven to help mental health. Dr. Alex will advise on nutrition and health issues relating to each dish and she will advise on how to prevent malnutrition, a problem that is rife in some care homes and hospitals. The 50 Thrifty recipes will be available online and, in The Cambridge, Independent News.

Their campaign will move around the country heading north by Christmas. Steven is aiming at pre-prepared meal range in the supermarkets this winter at ZERO profit!

He has just completed creating a small range of low cost pre prepared meals which he is hoping will be available in supermarkets this winter at ZERO profit. He is in talks with manufacturersand supermarkets . Dr. Alex Davidson will be behind the nutritional and healthy aspect of each meal.

Steven has created some incredible tasting, nutritious, affordable food which can easily be made at home using low cost ingredients with minimal energy usage. He is also creating an exclusive range of chef endorsed prepared meals free from profit and is in talks with supermarket giants to get them in store for this winter. Master Chef and UK TV personality,  Steven said, ‘I need all the support I can get from news and TV channels to come on board in a drive to try and beat the most serious issue facing us this winter ‘Heat or Eat’ People are already saying that they won’t be turning on the heat this winter, we need to ensure that they are eating good, affordable, nutritious food.

I back Steven’s attempts at this project, and have said for years that the wastage created by food outlets such as supermarkets and even hotels should be directed to charity funded kitchens that can produce economical food packages. 3.6 million tonnes of food is wasted by the food industry every year in the UK. I have tried to contact Juan Roig Alfonso, CEO of Mercadona to find out their wastage.