When I was running Tikitano restaurant on the new Golden Mile our nearest competition was literally next door. The Hotel Las Dunas, while having an excellent kitchen, its star was the venue Felix, which was billed as a Bistro but in fact was an inspired fusion restaurant under the guidance, at the time, of Ewalt Fichtaler an amazing chef,  who went on to open a few of his own restaurants, including, most recently, La Kaskada on the outskirts of Marbella.

I am pleased to see that the reformed Hotel Las Dunas (aka Healthouse) has re-opened Felix and has even brought back two of the former chefs that worked under Ewalt. If anything the kitchen has gone more Asian than fusion having a Sushi bar with an array of same, plus Sashimi and other Japanese favourites.

Start at the Sushi Bar and then move to the terrace in the warm weather. But starting soon, it will be inside dining, in the sumptuous restaurant area.

Telephone: (34) 951 082 090