Poor Prêt a Manger can’t stay out of the headlines, as yet another person has appeared to have died from allergy poisoning. In this case a woman ate something that was made with a lactose protein found in a vegan flat bread sandwich. Prêt are blaming their suppliers CoYo who in turn are blaming their suppliers. The customer, who collapsed and died in December last year, had bought the product from a Bath outlet.

Like with the MeToo movement I think Prêt are going to be faced by a barrage of complaints about allergy reactions from people coming out of the woodwork. You can imagine the scenario can’t you, “I ate a sandwich from your company 12 years ago and suffered an allergic reaction and was ill for a month and I am suing you for loss of pay!!”

Good job this is happening in the UK, at the moment. If it was the USA, with its culture of suing at the drop of a hat, they could go bust!

Strange, Lacteous Intolerance is a common reaction; I didn’t know that it could be ‘allergic reaction’ to the point of fatal!.