Whether you are for or against there is no doubt that Britain leaving the UK will have a profound effect on prices: Especially in the supply of alcohol and some food stuffs. We accept that Britain’s manufacturers are going to be hit with tariffs making their products more expensive for those of us that live in Europe. So Whisky, Gin and other British produced products could well rise.

In the UK a survey of 40 operators with responsibility for significant supply chains – with a combined turnover of £58b – found that they feared that import tariffs, migrant labour restrictions, and a weakening pound would have a greater impact on food and drink prices than any other factor.

Though the operators were concerned about product availability and quality, there was a greater focus on price and the cost of distributing food post Brexit, with an expectation that prices would rise significantly in March 2019.

I, like many others, cannot really work out the problem. For instance would Britain have to add import tariffs to European goods? No? In that case wines from around Europe should not increase in price. But if the EU imposes import tariffs on alcohol from the UK, the cost of your wee dram will increase!