A recent interview with broadcaster Adrian Chiles on Good Morning Britain sparked controversy as fellow guest, Irish broadcaster, Niall Boylon and he discussed the pros and cons of Veganism. Chiles who describes himself as ‘more-or-less vegan’ said “I was making a documentary about religion. I was in Istanbul for Eid, I’d been a fanatical meat-eater for all my life. Loved cooking it, loved eating it. “I had to take this lamb to be slaughtered, and I was with this lamb, and I saw the look in its eyes as they were joining the queue to be slaughtered and then I saw the moment they died. Seeing that moment, I thought ‘well…I don’t think any animal has got to die to feed me’. ”

I think any of us who has seen or witnessed the inhumane slaughter of Halal meat would agree that it is not conducive to being a meat eater. But Boylon came back, referring to the recent resignation of editor of the Waitrose and Partners food magazine for implying that we ‘should chop Vegans into little bits’ and said “I don’t think he was genuinely going to start chopping people up, that would be a bit sinister, but I think the backlash he’s getting is completely out of hand, from these annoying people….veganism has become a trend.

“You can’t invite them out, you can’t go anywhere with them, they’re moaning at the waiter….”

I have to say that when choosing a place when going out with a vegan one tends to have to abide by their choice so as they can get what they want.

This argument will continue for many years until either we all start taking Veganism seriously or every Vegan drifts into the background and comes back in another guise, with a renewed vigour to protect our animals from cruelty.