I have served this dish, cooked in this manner for years and it was always a favourite with my clients and friends. It’s so simple and I wonder why other restaurants don’t do it this way instead of mucking it around!




Cook: 10 minutes


Prep. time: 10 minutes



Fairly Simples!


1 kilo mussels

1 clove of garlic

5cm of leek finely sliced

2 glasses of white wine (you know what to do with the rest)

150 ml of cooking cream

Black pepper

Chopped parsley


Step by Step Instructions

Step 1

Wash the mussels. Remove the ‘beards’. Discard the dead ones. If they are open and don’t close when ‘tapped’ then discard.

In a saucepan melt butter add garlic and leek. Add the leeks and cover for two mintes.

Step 3

when the mussels have opened, remove from the pan and cover. Add the cream and then reduce for 4/5 minutes until you have a syrupy consistency. Replace the mussels and gently move the mussels around the sauce.

Step 2

into the pot add two glasses of wine, cover and reduce.

Step 4

Remove the mussels and place in a bowl, coat with the creamy liquid, garnish with parsley and freshly ground black pepper. Serve with crusty bread — but if you want to be ‘Belgian’ serve with French/(Belgian) fries!

Bon Appétit !