So do you think sometimes when you are shopping in the major supermarkets, that because of price, you feel that you are not getting top line products? Because, after all, most supermarkets are less expensive than the doyen of food markets, El Corté Inglés.

Well fear not, Mercadona, one of the Coast’s most popular shopperies, can claim that their Entrepinares Queso Viejo de Oveja La Reserva has come in the top three after a worldwide competition for the best cheese in the world.

The cheese “La Reserva Tostado Viejo” of Entrepinares Queserías was awarded this November with the “Super Gold” award in the prestigious international contest World Cheese Awards 2018 held in Bergen, Norway.


The jury, comprising of a panel of 230 experts from 29 countries (buyers, wholesalers, tasters, gourmet journalists, technicians …), has placed the Tostado de Entrepinares in the 14th place in the ranking of the best cheeses in the world, 3,742 cheeses that have been submitted to the contest. Queserías Entrepinares has also been awarded in the silver category with the cheeses “La Abadesa Mezcla Curado” y “Oveja Viejo de Leche Cruda”  and in the bronze “Mezcla Oveja/Cabra Viejo de Leche Cruda” y “Cabra Semicurado””


The jury of the contest works in groups of three or four people and identify the cheeses that deserve a prize of gold, silver or bronze. For the “Super Gold” category, each of the teams chooses a cheese that has excelled in qualities such as body, bark, color, texture, consistency and, above all, taste.


Queserías Entrepinares is a family business of the agri-food sector focused on the manufacture of cheeses of different kinds and cures and dairy products. It is the largest national producer of cheeses with an annual production above 60 million kg. Created in 1984 by Antonio Martín Castro, linked to the cheese industry by family tradition, it has combined the traditional cheese making tradition and the latest technological innovations. Since 2000, Entrepinares is an integrated supplier of Mercadona.

(courtesy of Queserías Entrepinares)