A UK construction worker has admitted intentionally driving a digger into the front of a Liverpool Travelodge after his employers allegedly failed to pay him. Why did he take it out on the Travelodge when it was his employers that didn’t pay him.

John Manley, 35, drove into the front of the Liverpool Innovation Park site on 21 January – the same day the building was due to be completed.

The father-of-two admitted criminal damage at an earlier hearing, and had been due to stand trial on Monday, but then he also pleaded guilty to damaging property being reckless as to whether life is endangered before the Liverpool Crown Court trial began.

Footage from the scene showed the vehicle repeatedly smashing into the reception of the Travelodge in Edge Lane, with the clip spreading quickly on Twitter after the incident.

Apparently he accepted that he caused the damage (hard not too!) and was charged accordingly. However he claimed that there were social problems which caused this offence, notably the failure of his immediate employers to pay him over the Christmas period at that time and asking him to work for nothing on the eve of this offence.

Sentencing to be adjourned (‘til November 1st) so a psychiatric report could be prepared.

Merseyside Police were called to the hotel shortly after 3pm on 21 January, but said the driver left the vehicle and made off on foot .I wonder if he tried to bluff it, by walking into the cop shop asking if anyone had seen his digger as it was missing!!

How many of us have ever had the urge to get back at their employer. Probably not quite so violently!