This rich prawn soup will add a bit of class to your dinner party. If you really want to go over board you could change the prawns for lobster

To make this soup even richer use prawn flesh as well as the shells




20 mins

Prep. time:

20 mins


Fairly Simple


300 gms king prawn shells (leave the meat as well if you wish)

1 large potato

I medium leek

2 carrots

Stick of celery

Large Tomato

Tsp Tomato Purée

Shot of brandy

100 ml Cream

Some chives or parsley

Step by Step Instructions

Step 1

Chop up all the ingredients

Put 25 gms butter in a heavy bottom pan and melt

Add the ingredients and sweat down.

Add the king prawn shells and sautée with the vegetables

Add a couple of fish stock cubes or fresh stock if you have it.

Fresh ground black pepper

2 bay leaves

Cook over medium heat for five miutes

Step 3

Remove from the heat

Take out the bay leaves

Blitz the mixture and pass through a fine strainer



Step 2

Pour over the brandy and ignite

Add a litre of water (or fresh stock)

Simmer for 20 minutes adding a little more water if necessary

Step 4

Reheat, add the cream adjust the seasoning to taste and serve.

Garnish with a swirl of cream and some chopped chives/parsley

Bon Appetit.