Despite business not being at 100% Marbella seems to be doing better than most. Or, the prices that some places are charging would reflect that trend. The fight among restaurants to attract the lucrative Sunday Lunch business seems to have taken a ‘them and us ‘ approach. I was not always the cheapest, but considered one of the best and we were around the 28€ mark, but I now see that such well known and highly succesful operations such as Beach House Marbella (Featured Image) (well over 200 covers a Sunday) and El Oceano Beach Hotel (not dissimalar ) are charging 75€ and 45€  respectively for a three course menu.  La Scala in Elviria has an a la carte which can work out at around 45€ a head,  but that includes free flowing Proseco if you order two or more courses. All three have live music if that’s your bag. our featured restaurant last month Kokomo works out at about 28€ for three courses. You pays your money…………..