Since the time I was involved on the periphery of the TV business in Spain, producers of shows such as FRAMED, EL CID, HARRY and of course ELDORADO chose the Costa del Sol to film due to its climate and in those days, lower cost of production. But since the 80’s and 90’s the reasons for choosing Marbella and surrounding areas for TV productions has changed. It is now because of the GLAM element. Thanks, not entirely, to the TOWIE shower and their ‘What happens in Marbs — stays in Marbs!!’
The latest production to base itself here is the controversial (aren’t they all?) Girls Undercover. I wont go into it in too much detail but the premise of the show is that five guys are ‘given’ a VIP trip to Marbella to see how they would cope without their ‘girlfriends’. What they don’t know is that their girlfriends are in a villa a couple of minutes away overlooking the boys villa, both multi million euro pads in Madroñal, spying and listening to every move they make, including watching them frolic at one of Puerto Banus’ famous night clubs. The whole thing is far fetched but will appeal to the ‘Big Brother’, ‘Love Island’, TOWIE and ‘Made in Chelsea’ brigade. As they say, ‘There’s no such thing as bad publicity’. I think the jury may still be out on that