With the change in styles of the newer wines from Spain, Rioja seems to have taken a back seat in comparison to such great wines as Ribera del Duero, Toro and Priorato. But there are still some great Riojas around, none more so than RODA 1, from the cellars of the same name.

RODA wines have their own style. Full of dark fruits and with just enough wood in the production. The spices and mineral notes add to their complexity. RODA 1 has all these subtleties and more: Full bodied, smooth on the palate rich in fruits and with just enough tanin. Great to accompany a good meat or game and of course self indulgently, with cheese!

You will pay around 23€ for a NV but if you go up to the Reservas and Gran Reservas the price tag will be between 40/45€.

Great for Christmas Lunch.