Well, they really are trying to test our patience aren’t they? Vegans want some of our old tried and tested expressions, replaced by Vegan friendly expressions. Whether it is Vegans, or just over zealous journalists has yet to be confirmed, but expressions such as, “Flogging a Dead Horse” and “Bringing Home the Bacon” could be replaced by “Whipping a Tree Bark!” (probably cruel to trees?) or “Bring Home the Bagels” (religious race comment?). How about to “Put All Your Eggs in One Basket” to “Put all Your Berries in One Bowl”?? Then of course “To Kill Two Birds with One Stone” to “To Feed Two Birds with One Scone” (God give me strength!) If that was my Mother’s scone, that WOULD be cruelty to animals! Then there is “There are Many Ways to Skin a Cat” could be “There are Many Ways to Peel a Potato”.

“Hold Your Horses” could be “Put Your Brakes On”. (Which is really what it means)

In that mode there is already a plethora of sayings that has been used as alternatives: “Let the Cat Out of The Bag — To Spill the Beans” or “Open a Can of Worms — Open Pandora’s Box”

But can you really replace “Being a Guinea Pig” with “Be a Test Tube?” Or “Grab the Bull by the Horns” to “Grab the Rose by the Thorns?”

All this has been put together by a Swansea University Graduate, Shareena Hamzah. Looks like a Minority imposing rule on a Minority!!

Please when will all of this stop? Why are Vegan’s so easily hurt?!!

Please send me your best alternatives: A bottle of Champagne for the best one.