It seems a ridiculous question in this day and age. I arrived in Spain a long time ago and I have to say that I soon became accustomed to metric. For many years I have been weighing myself in kilos and my height in metres and centimetres, and if I need a comparison I need a calculator. I wouldn’t know what a gallon of fuel is, but strangely still relate to ‘miles per gallon’ but I can’t work it out and yet never been able to work out ‘kilometres per litre’ — and do I really need to know. A good friend — bit of a Brexiteer — who has lived here for many years still uses stones to weigh and feet and inches for height, but happily buys in kilos! But the British government seem to think that the UK populous may like to revert to pounds and ounces. With kids these days not able to tell the time on an anologue watch I can’t see them slipping easily back into pounds and ounces let alone feet and inches!!