I won’t get political on these pages as it’s not my place so to do, but there are a few things that I can’t let go past without passing comment. What is a party and what is a gathering and what is an after work drink? While I am fed up with the ‘partygate’ thing (with no disrespect to the thousands who lost loved ones) there are more important things to worry about now. Having said that, to answer my questions, an after work drink is, “Let’s meet in the pub for a quickie before we go home,” A gathering is, “We are having a glass of wine in the office as Sid is leaving.” The now famous picture shows Boris standing in a doorway, with a ‘plastic’ glass of something with his red box on the chair next to him. That to me is an after work gathering (still against the rules of the time). When I was a young man a party was lots of booze, music, dancing —  sex, drugs and rock and roll.