It was with some shock I heard that one of the coast’s most popular eateries had closed without warning. I will clarify that, in as much as the owners of the very popular and seemingly successful, Kokomo were aware that they were leaving as they apparently sold their business to someone else. However they have left, leaving behind them a trail of debt. I knew Simon Taylor lane when he first came over to Spain. He is a very good chef and opened and operated the first Cocomo near the Robin Hood in Benamara. His honest food and good prices made the place an instant success. They had a few problems with the premises and moved to the old Albert and Simon/Connoisseur Club premises in Atalaya. They continued with their great value for money and if anything, in my opinion, went too cheap meaning I could never see a profit at the prices he was charging, despite any volume of business.
I have tried contacting the new owners to no avail, but the restaurant would appear to be closed.